Silver Bells

City Sidewalks

Silver Bells

“City sidewalks
Busy sidewalks
Dressed in holiday style
In the air there’s
A feeling of Christmas
Children laughing
People passing
Meeting smile after smile
And on every
Street corner you’ll hear

Silver Bells, Silver Bells
It’s Christmas time in the city
Ring-a-ling, hear them sing
Soon it will be Christmas Day”

Photo: L. Kreha



Buddy has definite preferences regarding where he likes to take his morning walks.

He likes to walk along the dog-chin high plantings at the front of our building or behind the tall pine trees on the corner, or better yet, in the doggy-thigh high pachysandra. No walks along the sidewalk here, he likes to walk on the wild side.

If he sees a dog, he stops, sits down and watches until it passes by.

Until today I though he just liked all of the interesting smells, having moved here from Michigan, where he would roam free in the back yard. I thought he preferred the grass under his feet.

But as I watched him this morning, I realized something.

He is modest.

He is used to the privacy of his own back yard, and doesn’t want anyone else seeing him “doing his business.”

This brought back memories of showering in middle-school locker rooms. I remember other girls with their perky little chests and petite little figures confidently showering while I lurked in the corner in frumpy flat-chested misery.

I get it Buddy. Sometimes a guy just needs a little privacy.

Let’s see if we can find you a bush.