Love and Kindness for Yer Wee Beastie

Buddy Christmas

After Buddy’s recent run-in with a too-close clipper at his last grooming appointment, I went out in search of a kinder gentler groomer. I read  numerous reviews on Yelp and found Stacey who advertised herself as, “A Kinder Professional Groomer for Yer Wee Beastie.”

OK, with a last name like “McIntyre” I admit there is a certain appeal in going to a Scottish groomer. And after hearing Stacey’s thick Scottish brogue on the phone, we were “in!”

Her webpage says, “ At the end of the day, when the wee pets look great and their owners are happy, it’s very satisfying to know that I’ve done my best. Whoever said that work is a “spiritual” thing sure knew what they were talking about!”

So I took Buddy to see her today, and picked him up a couple of hours later looking well groomed and happy. He had obviously been treated with love and kindness and smelled much better to boot!

At our candlelight Christmas Eve service this evening, I thought of Stacey and her “spiritual” work. What a simple gift of love and kindness to take care of “wee beasts” in this manner.

May you and yer wee beasts be blessed this holiday season too!