Why I needed a whole box of kleenex

If you plan to watch the movie: Hachi, A Dog’s Tale, then don’t read this post.

Also I would caution women who are pregnant, just because when I was pregnant I would usually collapse into tears when I watched Hallmark commercials and the like.

Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The movie Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, starring Richard Gere, according to Wikipedia, which we all now know is the source of ALL THINGS, apparently is a remake of the 1987 film Hachi-kō (ハチ公物語. This is his picture.

Now I already have a conditioned response to anything starring Richard Gere:


Been there, done that with plenty of his movies, so I am ready at the get-go. But when I watched the movie about the story of Hachi-ko, it had me sobbing on the couch.

My husband, dumbfounded, found me, mascara smeared below my eyes, blowing my nose and cryin’ like a baby at the story of this remarkable dog. A true story, the Akita would wait everyday for his owner to return from his commute at the train station. Apparently the owner died, and the dog would still arrive daily at the station to wait for his owner to come home for NINE YEARS.

Hachi-ko died at the train station waiting for him. They erected a bronze statue of the dog at the site, and every year have a ceremony to honor the dog’s steadfast loyalty.

I realized something. Yes, I was moved by the story of Hachi-ko. But what really brought on the buckets of tears was my dog’s loyalty to me.

Buddy waits patiently everyday for my return. Every day.

I hope you have a dog that waits every day for you.

Oh, and if you decide to watch the movie, just make sure you have a good supply of tissues.

Photo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Hachiko.JPG