How Dogs Think

Sometimes our lives get so complicated.

Navigating through a day in an urban environment can be complex and stressful. There are so many choices, so many responsibilities. Just keeping up with twitter, email, Facebook, blogs, and work creates a fast-paced over stimulated day.

It is no wonder that we all get overloaded, and no wonder why people take vacations. The choices are simpler. What shall I eat? Should I lie in a hammock or on a chair on the beach? Should I take a nap? Which little umbrella drink should I have? Repeat.

I think my dog Buddy has it all figured out.

I think part of the reason he is so happy is that he lives a simple life; eat, lick, chew, sniff, go potty, sleep, repeat. That is about it. Here is how Buddy decides what to do each day.

Yup, Buddy you have it all figured out.