Dogs don’t hold a grudge.

If I forget to go to the pet shop and get my dog Buddy his ridiculously expensive dog food and he has to eat leftovers for a day or two, he forgives me. Or, if I forget to put water in his bowl, he drinks from the EVER FLOWING FOUNTAIN OF WATER otherwise known as the toilet; he doesn’t begrudge these errors on my part.

Perhaps those aren’t good examples.

If I get distracted on the internet and he needs to go outside for a walk and he has to wait for just a little while too long, he forgives me. I am not going to go into detail about the pancake batter that I spilled on his head or the time my husband ran over him with the car. You get the picture.

Not everyone is like that.

I once had a job where I hit “REPLY ALL” instead of “REPLY” on an email with information that didn’t put our office department in the best light. It wasn’t THAT big a deal, and disappeared into office – cyber- forgotten – space in a day or two anyway. It was just a mistake on my part but my co-worker was mad at me for TWO YEARS, long after everyone else had forgotten about it, even after I apologized, even after I left the job. She probably hasn’t forgiven me yet.

Here is one thing I have learned: ignore the “REPLY ALL” choice on email. Pretend that it isn’t an option in your email toolbox. Just take my word on that.

Buddy wouldn’t be mad at me for that. He doesn’t seem to mind anything that I do. He loves me no matter what.

He is a little softhearted puff of fluffy forgiveness and unconditional love.
I am going to try to be like that.