Bacon Shortage!

It was announced last night that there will shortly be a WORLD WIDE SHORTAGE Of BACON.

This will be deeply disturbing to Buddy, my husband and sons. There must be some sort of male affinity for bacon, because I can honestly say I could go without bacon for quite some time.

Not so for them.

Buddy, like many dogs, adores bacon. It holds a special place in his heart. He will eagerly run through his limited repertoire of tricks for a piece of bacon. This isn’t necessarily the case for other treats. You might get a half-hearted “shake” for a boring old Milkbone, but bring out the bacon and let the show begin!

I’m not sure how to break this to him. Partially because when I talk to him all he hears is:

Bacon is just one of Buddy’s few pleasures here on earth. I don’t think I have the heart to tell him.

I am going to have to hunker down for “Porkageddon” and stock up on A LOT of bacon flavored doggy treats.