What’s in YOUR purse?

The other day I reached into the side of my purse to get my keys and found a doggy bag.

A full doggy bag.

No not that kind of doggy bag, THAT kind of doggy bag.

I had walked the dog in a hurry, and not finding a trash bin nearby, I had tucked the doggy bag in the side pocket of my purse with the intention of tossing it in the next garbage can. But then I forgot it was there.

I discretely disposed of the bag (it WAS in a closed plastic bag) with the hope that none of my friends or coworkers had noticed, not wanting some sort of reality TV show intervention like Animal Hoarders or Clean This House!

This led me to consider that the contents of my purse were sort of a window to my world.

Thinking back BC, that would be before computers, children or cell phones, my purse would have contained a small address book, a change purse for phone calls, train tickets, a small Day Runner planner, perhaps a couple of pink “While You Were Out” message slips and a pink nail polish bottle for fixing those well manicured nails chipped by typing on an electric typewriter.

This purse said, “Working! Responsible! Organized! Efficient!”

Fast forward a few years and my purse would have contained a pacifier, baby wipes, an older child’s broken retainer, a Star Wars Boba Fett action figure, a small laminated sheet of the pee wee football team names and probably a petrified McDonald’s french fry or two.

This purse screamed “Mom!”

And now?

Aside from the doggy bag (c’mon, it was sealed tight, and it only happened ONCE, okay?) you might find a plastic doggy bone, a small bag of doggy kibble from the last road trip, and a slip from the drycleaner because the dog barfed on the bedspread.

Yup, my purse says “Dog Owner” now.

What’s in YOUR purse?


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