Secret Sauce

Do you remember the big hype about the Big Mac’s “Special Sauce” in the seventies?

“Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions – all on a sesame seed bun,” every kid could sing-a-long to the jingle. McDonalds would not share the recipe for its
“Secret Sauce.”

McDonalds’ kept the secret recipe close to the vest for years, amid much speculation and many recipes floating around on the internet for the sauce. McDonalds is a marketing genius, and this was one of their many marketing efforts. A successful one, at that, because the Big Mac is still around and selling like crazy over forty years later.

Well Buddy has a “secret recipe” too. His breeder won’t reveal the magic “mix” she uses to produce her “Daisy Dogs.” In order to purchase one of her dogs, you have to be interviewed, and deemed acceptable to purchase one of her dogs at an exorbitant price. Her family has been in the business of breeding these dogs long before the concept of “designer dogs” became popular, and I must admit, she sure knows what she is doing, Buddy is a great little dog.

Someone just said to me, “Well, he is just a well-marketed mutt.”

Well, perhaps, but if you have the secret recipe, looks like you are in business!



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