Bad Hair Day

My mother used to cut and perm my hair.

Armed with incredibly stinky TONI perm solution, she would give me a permanent wave on all of my hair except the bangs. I would watch my favorite TV show, Little House on the Prairie, gagging on the wafting TONI fumes while the permanent wave processed.

Then my mother would add the finishing touch: the Scotch Tape bang trim.

I distinctly remember complaining to my mother when she would rip the scotch tape off my forehead leaving a little red stripe. She would say, “You have to suffer to be beautiful.”

Let us just say I have had my fair share of bad hair days. But not as bad as Buddy’s.

Buddy just had a VERY bad hair day.

I recently took him to the groomer to pay a RIDICULOUS amount of money to get him groomed. When I picked him up it looked like they trimmed his entire body, but forgot to trim the ears and the tail so he looked like some sort of odd black and white combination poodle-hound dog with the tail of a horse.

“Oh well,” I thought,“ he is just a dog, it will grow back.”

When I got home I thought my poodle-hound-horse got a glimpse of himself in the mirror, because he buried his head under the pillow on my bed. Now I thought he was being a little melodramatic, but when this continued into the next day and then he began to paw at his ears, I thought perhaps I should take him to the vet.

Good thing I did.

Turns out that some groomers “pluck” the hair out of dog’s ears. Apparently the groomer had gotten carried away and had plucked his little ears raw, and one had become infected. So, with antibiotics and a $75 vet bill in hand, we headed back home.

Poor little Buddy. I don’t agree with my mother’s adage, “you have to suffer to be beautiful.”

Think I will find a different groomer.


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